Traditional song – Female pirate

Out of Revernd S. Baring-Gould´s (England 1834-1924) collection of traditional songs
the „Female Pirate“

O com list a while, and you shall hear,
By the rolling sea lived maiden fair,
Her father had followed the smuggling trade,
Like a warlike hero,
Like a warlike hero that never was afraid.

Now, in sailor´s clothing young Jane did go,
Dressed like a sailor from top to toe,
Her aged father was the only care,
Of this female smuggler,
Of this female smuggler who never did despair.

With her pistols loaded she went aboard,
And by her side hung a glittering sword,
In her helt two daggers; well armed for war
Was this female smuggler,
who never feared a scar.

Now they had not sailed far from land,
When a strange sail brought them to a strand,
„These are sea robbers,“ this maid did cry,
„But the female smuggler will conquer
or will die,“

Alongside, then, this strange vessel came,
„Cheer up,“ cried Jane, „we will board the same;
We´ll run all chances to rise or fall,“
Cried this female smuggler,
Cried this female smuggler,
who never feared a ball.

Now they killed those pirates and took their store,
And soon returned to old Eng-a-land´s shore,
With a keg of brandy she walked along,
Did this female smuggler,
Did this female smuggler,
and sweetly sang a song.

Now they were followed by the blockade,
Who an iron strong did put this fair maid.
But when they brought her for to be te-ried,
This young female smuggler,
This young female smuggler stood
dressed like a bride.

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